History of the Lac du Bonnet Historical Society

The Lac du Bonnet and District Historical Society Inc. has been in existence since 1988. 

Policy Statement – Mandate

Lac du Bonnet District Museum

Lac du Bonnet District Museum

Policy Developed December 1989 by the Lac du Bonnet & District Historical Society.

The Lac du Bonnet & District Historical Society was incorporated on January 18, 1988 as a non-profit organization with a mandate to “collect, preserve and display the history and artifacts pertinent to the Lac du Bonnet & district area.” The village of Lac du Bonnet has long been a service center that met the needs of a large geographical area. From the presence of early man, followed by explorers and fur traders, the area has provided the needed resources to the hunters, trappers, homesteaders, prospectors, storekeepers, etc.

At the turn of the century power development has occurred along the Pinawa Channel and the Winnipeg River, and natural resources have been harvested from as far away as Manigotogan, Bissett and Cat Lake.

Through the years the natural beauty of the area and the summer and winter recreational opportunities has been utilized by ever increasing numbers of cottagers and tourists. When we consider our past, Lac du Bonnet is unique when it comes to presenting and preserving its varied history.

Community Uniqueness

What sets us apart from other communities?

The Lac du Bonnet area is especially unique in two ways. First, our immigration mix has brought people from over 25 different countries. For instance the Swedes, Finns, and Latvians settled in the farmland east of the Winnipeg River while the Poles, Ukrainians and Germans settled the land to the west and south, the French from Quebec came to work in the lumber camps. The Hutterites came to take advantage of the available land northwest part of the RM, while the Scots and the Anglos came to provide many of the services and businesses the community needed.

Secondly, Lac du Bonnet has always acted as a hub for the smaller communities that grew up around it. Industries such as mining, aviation, forestry, and agriculture, surrounded the village while the basic medical, educational, postal, and police services were centralized in the village.

Founding Board Members: (1988)

Name  Name
Emberley, Gordon; President Hammerstedt, Stella
Bruneau, Louis Lesko, Joan
Byczek, Adele Stine, Helen
Carlson, Lorraine

The Lac du Bonnet & District Historical Society operates the seasonal Lac du Bonnet District Museum located in Halliday Park. It has been open since the summer of 2011.

In 2019, the Lac du Bonnet & District Historical Society acquired the historic former St. John’s Anglican Church in the Town of Lac du Bonnet, located at 86 McArthur Ave. The Society has since been able to acquire a Municipal Heritage Site designation for the church from the Town of Lac du Bonnet.