Riel Pancake Breakfast, February 19, 2023

We had a very successful day at the Riel Pancake Breakfast. It went very smoothly for our volunteers and many satisfied people left with full bellies. Thank you to Grant and Heather Hein and Campbells Family Foods for the fantastic breakfast.

The kids crafts went well which included coloring – buffalo – Tipi – Metis sash – and Metis bead embroidery. The kids also enjoyed making a Metis bead bracelet. Thanks to volunteers Alex Sarna and Nathan Daignault for helping out.

Lac du Bonnet Mayor Ken Lodge wore his Metis sash and graced us with a full day attendance. Thank you to the Lac du Bonnet Metis Federation who lent us their official flags to add to our display.

Special thanks to the community families that came out to celebrate Louis Riel Day with us and thank you to Jack & Janice Halliday, Brigitte Schneider, Wayne Zeemel and Jennifer Sarna for volunteering their time.

Thank you to the Winnipeg River Recreation District for partnering.
See you next year…..






























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