Annual Report 1992

PRESIDENTS REPORT G. C. Emberley; March 4th 1992

The society has always struggled to achieve its goals with a small nucleus of dedicated members. What we seem to lack is more active support from our local community. To this end a Press Release appeared in the January 7th issue of the Lac du Bonnet Leader requesting the public to take a more active role in the Society and its projects. This netted one enquiry but no increase in interest at our following February meeting. Consequently the Annual Members Meeting of March 4th reflected on our situation and agreed to revert to an inactive status and the following Press Release was issued.

In the spring we successfully installed our new display cabinet in the local library reading room. The unit provides adequate space to house our files and small collectables. However, the larger storage facility to have been located in the RM of Lac du Bonnet enclosure was not constructed. The building is still required. For the storage of our large artifacts as the current location is temporary at best.

The only other activity was the addition of a number of photographs to the collection.

It is hoped that the action taken by the Board and its members in placing the Society in an inactive state will ensure that when the community responds to the need to preserve its history that the Society can be reactivated and that what we have done will not be lost.

G.C.Emberley President.

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